about me

Lumard is a combination of my name Lucia Maillard and stands for sustainable textile art made of second hand materials. All used materials have had a life before they came into my studio. I love to work with these old and discarded textiles because they tell a story of the lives they had. I continue this story by giving them a new life. The consumption of clothing has become something that has lost its value. The cheap t-shirt, dress or jeans is often thrown away after a short time in use. To serve the trends, the production of clothes is so fast, that the materials and the manufacturing have a low quality which leads to quick...... and so on and so forth. Trapped in this vicious circle, the environment suffers to an alarming extent. Which is why the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters.

With my work I offer something slow in this fast fashion industry. I want to reconnect the clothes with the personality of the consumer and to show how to use it after it has become unwearable. Because what happens to your favorite sweater after you discard it? Right, it is shipped to the African continent and resold at the second hand markets. This destroys the local textile production. Or it becomes wadding material in the auto industryl for the doors of new cars. But there is another possibility: you could keep your favorite sweater and its memories by transforming it to a wall hanging for your home.

After studying fashion design and working in different areas in fashion, for me, it is now time to keep the clothes alive. With Lumard. Each product in my Berlin studio is made by hand and with love.