Textile art, handmade in Berlin

about Lumard

Lumard transforms your favorite but raggedy old Sweater into a wall hanging for your Home

What happens to your clothes after you sort them out? Right, they are shipped to the African Continent and resold on the markets, which threatens the local textile production. Or they become filling material for your new car. The Fashion Industry is one of the biggest enviromental polluters and Lumard is fighting them.

Wall hangings made from old clothes

Lemon rattles made of second hand yarn, filled with raw grains of rice

Bags that are handwoven with discarded jesery textiles

Bucket hats sewn from old Frottee

Do you want to turn your old clothes into usable and special products?


I am the founder of Lumard, my textile art studio

Lumard is a combination of my first and last name and stands for textile art from second hand materials. All used materials have had a life before and then came to my studio for a second life.